Data is the Most Valuable Asset a Business has

When understood and exploited properly,

it drives growth and boosts competitive advantage.

We make that happen

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"Without data you’re just

another person with an opinion"

W.Edwards Deming – Data Scientist

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“Without an opinion you’re

just another person with data” 2016

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Our mission:

Helping companies grow faster through data insight

Why we exist

We came together as four like-minded professionals who have been providing marketing services to hundreds of direct marketers for over 30 years. We want to offer clients a new and better way of measuring their investment in direct marketing.

We knew they are spending a large proportion of their marketing budgets on print, paper, postage and data. But many do not have either the time or in-house resource to be sure they are getting the best possible return on investment. They said they need the best advice but could not justify the high costs of large city based agencies. They want authoritative and nimble support, but without the jargon, complex processes and overheads of big teams.

That is why Strategy Seven began.