Data is the Most Valuable Asset a Business has

When understood and exploited properly,

it drives growth and boosts competitive advantage.

We make that happen

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"Without data you’re just

another person with an opinion"

W.Edwards Deming – Data Scientist

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“Without an opinion you’re

just another person with data” 2016

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What we do

Strategy Seven helps you benefit from data in seven ways.

You will…


Make Better Decisions

We use data to help you understand your customer and your business better. Data to show what has happened, why it happened and what will happen when we do things in a better way. We provide data driven decision-making based on fact and not hunch.


Grow Faster

The only data insight worth having is that which helps your business grow faster. We focus solely on growth and its drivers, not on data for its own sake. We help you see the wood from the trees and help you avoid “death by data”. We help you understand how much of your marketing budget you should or could be spending on different channels for both customer acquisition and retention based on your business’s particular customer metrics.


Have Peace of Mind

Your data is a vital business asset that needs to be handled responsibly by experts. We understand how important it is to keep data both secure but also compliant with the latest directives around data privacy such as GDPR. Being able to rely on a professional organisation with secure technology and robust business practices is a necessity.

Accuracy and unambiguous data also gives you the comfort of knowing that your decisions are based on unvarnished facts, and not on potentially biased opinions of suppliers with a vested interest in one particular channel.


Concentrate on the Right Things

Most marketing departments have the biggest and most challenging targets, an exhaustive list of urgent tasks, but often with very limited resources to achieve them. We will help you prioritise what makes the biggest difference with the least effort. Only if it can be done easily, will generate a significant contribution to the bottom line, and can be done quickly, will it be recommended for action.


Measure, Forecast & Plan

Being able to measure the right KPIs in the right way based on unambiguous data, leads to more accurate and robust planning. We will give you clearer forecasting based on your current trajectory and which metrics need to be hit to achieve higher targets. Through rigorous test and learn based on industry best practice and benchmarking within your sector, we will help you optimise your campaigns so they are more profitable.


Customer Centric Marketing

We base all decision making around the customer. What the customer buys, how often they have bought, how much they spend, their predicted lifetime value, which campaigns they buy from and through which channel. We will help you understand the shape of your customer database; how many new customers need to be acquired, how many existing customers need to be kept and how many lapsed customers need to be re-engaged to hit your revenue goals. This understanding of your unique customer metrics and customer segments drives all decisions.


Relevant & Timely Communications

By better understanding your customers, their behaviours and preferences, you can tailor your marketing messages to them to be more relevant and therefore more likely to be acted upon. Getting the right messages to the right customers at the right time is the foundation of all good customer relationship marketing but is often very hard to achieve without the correct insight as to what is making the biggest difference.

Knowing what is industry best practice will mean that you avoid having to reinvent the wheel. You can use what has already been proven to work and give it your own unique approach that best suits your brand. We measure everything on a test and learn basis so that you can constantly improve both your relevance and timeliness to keep your customers informed, engaged and happy.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

We make it easy for you

We give you expert advice in plain English

We help you look at right data in the right way

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